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Craps: Tips and Strategy

online craps tableAn online craps game can be quite exciting and challenging at the same time. A lot goes on at the same time, and keeping up with every new advance can be a bit of a struggle. However, online craps is also one of the most in-demand games with online casinos.

Being aware of several betting possibilities makes it a bit easy for you to play online craps and also raises your chances of winning. Here are the basic rules involved in a craps game in an online casino. Its important to remember that playing Craps online is very similar to Craps at a land based casino.

Rules of Online Craps

The objective in a craps  is to simply bet on the outcome of the two dice rolled.

1. The shooter (you) rolls two dices. 

2. On the betting layout in the online casino, you place your bets on the outcome of the two dices rolled. All players establish their choice of Pass or Don’t Pass line bets.

3. If the outcome of the two dices comes out to be 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12, the round is over.

4. For any other values, you establish a point that is equal to the outcome that is rolled.

5. Further rounds continue unless a 7 or the point value is reached.

Since Craps can be a bit tough and tricky to ace, here are a few strategies you can keep in mind. 

Strategies and tips for Online Craps

The game starts with the player known as the shooter, throwing the dice to establish what is known as the point. Here are the three outcomes that can happen on a roll after the point is established:

1. The Pass Line Bet is the safest way to begin the game:

2. After the point is established in the craps hand, consider opting for the Come Bet. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, you win. Any other number other than 2, 3, and 12 will enable you to make your own point number. 

3. You can also choose to bet against the players on the online craps table and choose the Don’t Pass, or Don’t Come bet. This way, you will win all the chances that are being lost by the other players on the table. The probability of the house winning is lower with these two bets, allowing you better odds to win the hand.

The Point

Basically put, when you play craps online, or at a land based casino your betting on the outcome of two dice thrown by the player who we call Shooter. Shooter tosses the dice and whatever the combined number of the two dice is, that is called the point and starts the game. Let’s say the dice land a 2 and 3, the goal for Shooter is to keep tossing the dice, trying to roll another 5 before he rolls a 7. After Shooter establishes the point, you bet before his second roll. You can bet he will roll a 7 first, or you can bet he tosses a 5 first. Now if Shooter rolls a 5, before rolling 7, then it’s safe to assume (Yes I’ve heard the assume joke) that the majority of players around the table will win, conversely if Shooter rolls a 7, then most players will lose, and if he rolls any other combination other than 5, or 7, he starts anew.

Pass, or Don’t Pass; that’s the question.

The Pass LIne Bet is a safe bet, as much as safe can be. Remember every wager has risks, some greater than others, but in Craps whether online at land based casinos the Pass Line wager is considered safer than not.

There’s a large ring or circle around the table for your wagers. If Shooter tosses a 7, or 11, you win the bet, however when Shooter tosses a 2, 3, or 12 bad news, you lose. If Shooter rolls any number then those listed above like a 4, the 4 becomes the point. After Shooter establishes the point if he rolls a 7 you lose ,if he rolls another 4, in this case the point, you win.

The Don’t Pass Line bet; boo hiss.

If you’re thinking this is the opposite of the Pass Line Bet, your thinking correctly. Herse how it works. Shooter rolls a 2, or 3 and you win. If he tosses a 7, or 11, then you lose. A roll of 12 pushes your bet. If Shooter rolls any other number, that number becomes the point. After the point is established if the roll is a 7, you win, if it’s the point, you lose.

Come and Don’t Come Bets

These bets are a little different then the Pass, Don’t Pass Line bets in that you place your bet after Shooter rolls the dice.

Come Bet

You place your bet; the Shooter rolls the dice. If he rolls a 7, or 11 you win. If a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, then you lose. If he rolls any other number, that number is now the point and your point stays put. If he rolls a 7, you lose and if the point is rolled, you win.

Don’t Come Bet

The opposite of the Come Bet. In this bet you can place your bet between rolls when the point is set. If a 7, or 11 is rolled on the first toss after you placed your Don’t Come Bet, you lose. If a 2, or 3 is rolled, you win. If Shooter tosses any other number, that number is now the point. If after this a 7 is rolled, you win, if the point is rolled you lose.

Craps is a fun bet. If you at a land based casino you’ll notice the largest, loudest, most excitement, is found at the Craps Table. It really is the most exciting game in the house. Take these pointers and start off very slow, just to get the hang of it. If you take this advice, chances are you too can enjoy this game of Craps.

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