American Blackjack Tips and Tricks

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American Blackjack pertains to blackjack rules that you are likely to find in American casinos, land based, or online as opposed to European casinos. It is important to know about this particular game if you want to get the most out of it.

Here are some American Blackjack rules that you must know about:

Different Rules

Players can double down on any 2 card total, unlike European blackjack where they can double down on 9, 10 and 11.

Dealer peeks are part of the American Blackjack game. If the dealer has blackjack, then under the rules of the game, they should not lose beyond their original wager. 

There is no concept of surrenders here. You do not have the option of later or early surrenders. 

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Winning American Blackjack

To win more at American Blackjack, it is best to follow a basic strategy as with all other blackjack variants. 

You should deploy a conservative strategy where you bet slightly more with each win.

Beginners will certainly be shy of high stakes betting. Unless you are extremely rich, you shouldn’t bet a fortune on your first game. Instead, you should start with a frugal amount and raise it slightly higher every time you win.

This basic blackjack playing concept arises from the observation of winning and losing streaks. For instance, you might lose two times in a row and then win 3 consecutive games. 

Of course, the key point to realize is that blackjack outcomes are random since it is a game of chance. 

Hence, you are likely to lose almost around the same games as you are winning. The conservative approach can keep your losses low and help you to make modest gains. 

Another great strategy that you can use to win more is card counting. This is a proven strategy that MIT gambling pros have used to win a lot of money, thereby inspiring several books and films in the process. 

You might think that you need the best memory for card counting, just like a computer. You will be glad to know that you don’t need to follow all cards dealt by the dealer.

All you have to do is to keep track of the percentage of low cards and high cards that are still in play. 

Best strategies and tips for Online American Blackjack

Since you are learning to play American Blackjack on online casinos, remember that sheer luck will play less of a role than statistics. Online casinosrun on algorithms and random numbers, which is why a few strategies at hand are essential to beat the machine. 

1.If the first card dealt to you has a value of 8 or less, make sure always to hit. 

2. If the first card dealt to you has a value between 9 and 10 or the cards in your hand read between 9 and 16, make sure to hit and then either double-down or stand.

3.  If your cards read between 17 and 21, always stand no matter what.

4.  If you have a hand that reads anywhere between 12 and 16 and if the dealer has a hand of 7 or higher, do not stand no matter the circumstances.

5. If you have pairs of 4s, 5s, or 10s in your hand, do not split them no matter what.

6. If the online casinooffers you insurance, do not take it. This, in no way, increases your chances of winning. 

More Rules for Online American Blackjack

1. Four decks of cards are used with the dealer standing on soft 17.

2.Dealer looks for Blackjack only on three types of card- 10s, faces, and aces.

3. Players can double down either after splitting or on any two cards.

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4. Players can split only up to three times.

5. Players can split Aces only once.

6. Split Aces hitting 21 won’t count as Blackjack.

Final Thoughts

While it is a game of chance, you can greatly increase your chance of winning by learning as much as much as you can about the game. Yes, luck is involved, but believe me, so is skill. Do your homework, practice your new skills, and bet slow; its a winning combination.

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